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Government Contract Training for California Contractors

Our courses are more than just training; it's a gateway to unlocking the full potential of your business in the competitive landscape of government contracts. What do we offer exactly? Simply put, we offer training to California Contractors on just how to enter the Government and Public Works sector. We teach you what you need to start bidding, where to find the best leads, how to prepare a bid package and how to navigate the compliance portion. What's the benefit? Better projects, better profits for your company.Ā 


"EZ Biz helped my business revenue and profits grow exponentially in just a matter of months. Their training is A1, and their attention to us went well above our expectations."

Owner, CEO Private Southern California Contractor

""EZ Biz brings so much value..""


"We hired EZ Biz to help us with our Small Business Certifications. Not only were we certified in less than a month but we started getting bid invites to projects. We are excited to see our company grow after a very tough year through these certifications. Thank you EZ Biz! "

Cesar S. Founder of CS Painting, Menifee, CA
CEO, Owner

"I am so glad that we hired Ez Biz to help us with our certifications. Because of them, we have had the opportunity to bid on projects we had no clue were available. Thank you Ez Biz! "

Small Business Owner

""It brought me back to basics...I was on autopilot for a lot of years. But now having a goal, by you showing us a structure-it was mind blowing. Having a step by would have taken me forever. Thank you. "

Job Title

""Susan really cares, we appreciate you and it shows""

Patrick, Founder of O'neill Built Construction, Marin County, CA
Founder of O'neill Build Construction

""We are ready.""

David, Founder of Trulysun Energy Corp, San Francisco, CA

""How different it is, when you have a structure and knowledge along the way (to train you), preparing you to learn to avoid common issues and headaches." "

Luis M. Jorgik Electric Inc. Gilroy, CA

""It saves you years of having to teach yourself...stumbling upon you we have a better idea on what direction to go, saving us time""

Alicia H. Founder of Affordable Tree Hardscape, Roseville, CA

""I was approved (pre-qualified) for 7 School Districts this week. It took my office about 4-5 hours but I had them work on them for the entire day and they got it done, I'm excited and now we are ready to start bidding now with the information I received today. It is paperwork but it is worth it! ...Amazing!!""

American Restoration Builders

""Caltrans is doing amazing! We are bidding on public works projects everywhere now! ""

Eleazar, Founder & Owner EGE Construction

"It has been a pleasure working working with you! And thank you so much for all you do for the contractors! We changed our business model drastically after we finished our lessons!"

Costel w/ Rebuildit
Owner & Founder

"Este Programa esta bien interesante y si ayuda mucho! As soon as I got my SB Certification last week, I already started seeing bidding opportunities ."

Martin Valdez Aviles w/ Marval Services LLC
Owner & Founder

""I'm excited to dive in and I appreciate all the great information! ""

Jose with Atomic Ventures
Founder & Owner

"My first awarded project was $ 350K after taking the training with EZ Biz Inc"

Cruz Landscaping
Founder & Owner

"We are currently at about 1.6 Million in awarded public works projects since joining EZ Biz Inc"

Costel with Rebuildit
Owner & Founder

"Iā€™ve just renewed my Job Order Contract with LAUSD (Los Angeles Unified School District)for another 2 years -the award costs is 2 Million "

California Contractor, Los Angeles County
Owner & Founder

"Iā€™ve been pre-qualified already to do work with 8 schools"

California Contractor

"Iā€™ve been pre-qualified to bid with 16 schools"

California Contractor


Serving California Contractors

We've helped Contractors and businesses of all sizes get over 19M in Government and Public Works ContractsĀ since 2017 through our training and support

How We Can Help

Imagine stepping into the world of government contracts with confidence. You understand every process, every requirement, and how to navigate the complex system effortlessly. Now, picture the opposite: missed opportunities, confusion, and the impact of stagnation on your business growth. We've been where you are, faced the challenges you're facing, and we're thrilled to guide you on this transformative journey.

Gain the knowledge to navigate the complexities of government contracts. This understanding is crucial for making informed decisions, ensuring compliance, and maximizing opportunities for your business.

With our guidance, you'll walk away with the confidence to pursue government contracts proactively. This confidence comes from knowing you have the tools and insights needed to succeed, setting you apart from the competition.

Armed with insider knowledge and strategies, you'll be in a prime position to increase your profits and revenue through government contracts. This course is designed to transform your approach and open up new avenues for business growth.

Let us train you to get better contracts and provide you essential tools and training that will help you increase your profits and grow your business. Our team of experts and partners help you understand the in's and out's of public works and government projects so you can succeed. Create better job opportunities for your employees, master and understand better contracts, increase your profits by bidding projects over 50k. Build a business you can be proud of that creates generational wealth for you and your employees. 


What You'll Gain

Expertise: Over 30 years of combined experience distilled into actionable EZ to learn lessons.

Confidence: The assurance to pursue government contracts with clarity and confidence.

Growth: Practical tools and strategies to increase your profits and expand your business.

Why Work with Us?

We have the knowledge and experience to guide you and train you to understand the in's and out's of government contracts. With a combined experience of over 30 years in Public Works and Government Contracts, rest assured we offer quality training to help you understand the process, walk away more confident and with the tools you will need to increase your profits and revenues.Ā 

The potential your business has to increase its revenues and profits in comparison to our fees for ourĀ Small Business Certification & TrainingĀ Enrollment and additional programsĀ are extremely affordable. We like to say that you can get our most popular package for less than what a cup of coffee will cost you a day.Ā 

You will find that our companies mission is to support you in your growth and our programs. Some items that you will find value in include, a lifetime of Government and Public Works quality lead & bid opportunities, Over 8 Weeks join us for our LIVE Zoom Contractor Bootcamp that may be taken as many times over the course of a year, a guided workbook for each class, 3 months of support with an Account Manager, plus bonusĀ 1 year 24/7 access self paced training portal for you and your employees to use.

EZ Biz believes in the growth your business will experience as you acquire your small business certifications, begin to bid on government contracts and get awarded projects. We are here to guide you every step of the way to ensure you are successful in your contract and it is our mission to support you and your growing business. 

Let us train you to get better contracts and provide you essential tools and training that will help you increase your profits and grow your business. Our team of experts and partners help you understand the in's and out's of public works and government projects so you can succeed. Create better job opportunities for your employees, master and understand better contracts, increase your profits by bidding projects over 50k. Build a business you can be proud of that creates generational wealth for you and your employees. 


Payment & Financing Plans Available

One Application, Many Lenders, Instant Decision.

Connecting Small Businesses

Affordable Monthly Payments Available

We are here to help simply put. That's why we are committing to work with you by providing both in-house and outside financing for our training services. Learn more about how we're helping contractors take the next step to government contracting in as little as 4-8 weeks. Schedule a call today.Ā 

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EZ Biz Inc is a Small Business Development Center, focused and dedicated to education and training services for California Construction Contractors. We do not sell a business opportunity or "get rich quick" program. We believe in quality training through education and courses we've titled as "bootcamps". We do not guarantee success in our training. We do not make earnings claims or claims that our that our training will make anyone money but do believe with personal implementation there is opportunity to increase your profits by bidding and being awarded larger projects. 

All training and intellectual training material is protected by copyright. Any duplication, reproduction, or distribution is strictly prohibited. 

Training provided is general in nature and some strategies may or may not apply to all individual situations. All results are unique and we make no representation regarding the likelihood or probability of achieving results in a predictable manner. 

Statements, testimonials, depictions findings and/or experience of individuals who have purchased enrollment in our program all vary. Results vary and rely on individual efforts, time invested, skills, dedication and consistency as well as other unknown factors and conditions. We do not measure clients bid or lead opportunities, quality or frequency of bid or lead opportunities, clients earnings or financial health performance. We measure completed transactions and Small Business Certifications, completing of our courses and training courses, customer service, satisfaction of our services and training by voluntary surveys. 


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