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Because what you think of us is important. 


"It saves you years of having to teach yourself...stumbling upon you we have a better idea on what direction to go, saving us time" Alicia H. Founder of Affordable Tree Hardscape, Roseville, CA  

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"How different it is, when you have a structure and knowledge along the way (to train you), preparing you to learn to avoid common issues and headaches." Luis M. Jorgik Electric Inc. Gilroy, CA 

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Testimonial by Costel Gercui Founder & Owner of Rebuildit.


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American Restoration Builders: "I was approved (pre-qualified) for 7 School Districts this week. It took my office about 4-5 hours but I had them work on them for the entire day and they got it done, I'm excited and now we are ready to start bidding now with the information I received today. It is paperwork but it is worth it! ...Amazing!!" 


EGE Construction- "Caltrans is doing amazing! We are bidding on public works projects everywhere now! "


Costel w/ Rebuildit-It has been a pleasure working working with you! And thank you so much for all you do for the contractors! We changed our business model drastically after we finished our lessons! 



Martin Valdez Aviles w/ Marval Services LLC- Este Programa esta bien interesante y si ayuda mucho! As soon as I got my SB Certification last week, I already started seeing bidding opportunities .


Jose with Atomic Ventures- "I'm excited to dive in and I appreciate all the great information! " 


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Get Government Contracts, get bigger, better jobs! 

Are you wondering how you can start getting contracts with the government? 

Perhaps you're wondering how and where you can start looking for these contracts and not to mention what is the process?

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