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How Small Businesses can Power thru during the COVID 19 Pandemic

Undoubtedly, small businesses take the hardest hit from the current COVID 19 pandemic. Some small businesses have been significantly running at a loss since most of their customers are at home to flatten the highly infectious virus curve. Without cash flow, some might even be considering shutting down already while some are still growing.


What innovative ideas can small businesses put in place to survive the pandemic and grow afterward? There is no easy answer to this question, but here a few tips you can implement to survive and thrive in this unprecedented time.


  1. Keep calm and take care of yourself.

Not panicking in a situation when you are running out of cash can be quite difficult. But, always remember to care for yourself. Taking good care of yourself keeps you calm, and when you are calm, your staff are calm. That gives everyone a healthier mindset to create innovative ideas for growth.


Take time to reflect before you make drastic decisions. Ask for...

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